Discover how to make the WORLD’S BEST Diaper Cake

Let us guide you step by step to making diaper cakes with many different materials each with their own unique style to fit all occasions.



My wife and I have been making unique diaper cakes for many years.  They have been used as gifts for many occasions including baby showers, birthdays  and other special events.  In fact, we have received such praise for our diaper cakes that we decided to create this website to help many others create incredible diaper cakes of their own!

Therefore, we have decided to compile our best diaper cake ideas, tips, techniques and materials into an easy to download, picture-rich, step-by-step guide which we are practically giving away.  (Of course, we need to charge a few dollars for all of the time and money spent on this project, but I’m sure you will find that fair.)

Sure, you could spend a lot of time hunting and searching the internet to try and learn about diaper cakes, but what is your time worth.  Besides, why search any more when you have everything you need right here!

To start, a few things we are going to help you with in the guide are:

All of these are discussed in great detail in our book “The Ultimate Guide to Making Diaper Cakes”.

My wife, Nancy and I have also expanded the concept of the diaper cake design to include “non-diaper” cakes for other occasions.  These include graduations, retirements, birthdays (for older children and adults of all ages).

Inside “The Ultimate Guide to Making Diaper Cakes” you will discover:

  • tons of  incredible diaper cake designs that will accommodate different diaper cake themes
  • many ways to control diaper cake costs
  • the best sources for diaper cake ingredients
  • how to make diaper cakes the easy way

This guide we have lovingly prepared for you is a must-have for anyone interested in making fantastic diaper cakes!

To make your diaper cake experience as easy as possible, visit our main site where you will find incredibly easy to make, downloadable, printable diaper cake templates.   You can even get this guide for FREE when you purchase the complete template package for $24.99.  Includes tons of diaper cake ideas from which to choose.

To help get you started, view our free video on how to make a great basic diaper cake!  Then, check out our e-book to learn many more fantastic ideas, techniques and tricks to make your diaper cake an award winner!!

The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The complete, illustrated instruction guide on how to make the world's best diaper cakes. More than 42 pages with hundreds of easy to follow images will help you make dozens of awesome, inexpensive, unique diaper cakes!
Price: $24.99
Price: $12.99
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