8 Great Diaper Cake Ideas that Anyone Can Build

Great diaper cake ideas come in all styles, colors and sizes. What truly makes the finished display memorable is how much meaning you put into it.

Diapers by themselves make wonderful presents for new parents. After all, it is one item that you know for certain the baby will use. However most gift givers want to put some effort into the present. Handing over a bunch of plain diapers doesn’t sound that appealing. The best part about giving diaper cakes is that they are extremely easy to customize so your gift stands out!


Great Diaper Cake Idea 1: Create a Character Themed Cake

Many diaper brands produce styles that include printed characters. You can use this to come up with great diaper cake ideas! Find something with Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh or another popular character. The diapers will set the tone for the cake’s theme so all you have to do is find a few accessories featuring the same character to add to the display!

Great Diaper Cake Idea 2: Mom’s Favorite Flowers for the Cake

If you know the baby’s mother’s favorite flowers, consider using this as your decoration inspiration. Great diaper cake ideas should be symbolic or significant to the gift recipient(s). You can find silk or fresh flowers to place on the diaper cake. Silk may be better in case baby has sensitive skin that could be irritated by any residue left by real flowers.

Great Diaper Cake Idea 3: Profession-based Diaper Cakes

If one or both of the parents are very career-oriented, consider using this information to come up with great diaper cake ideas. For example, if dad is a construction contractor, look for toy trucks to add. Some professions may be harder to accommodate than others, so you may have to get innovative if you go this route.

Great Diaper Cake Idea 4: Inspiration from Beloved Pets

If the expectant family has a beloved dog, cat, fish or other pet, you can use this to come up with great diaper cake ideas! The easiest approach is to look for a stuffed animal that looks similar to the family pet. Many baby brands also carry clothing and accessories that feature cats, dogs, birds and other loveable creatures.

Great Diaper Cake Idea 5: Location Themed Diaper Cakes

Great diaper cake ideas that are based on locations are more unique, but just as much fun! This is a clever option if mom and dad had a destination wedding. Find items that capture the essence of a specific place. For example, if you want to come up with a beach themed diaper cake, look for baby sized flip flops and infant clothing with tropical colors. You could even perch a fake or plush parrot somewhere on the cake!

Great Diaper Cake Idea 6: Something for Sister or Brother

If the family already has a child or children, consider adding something that they would appreciate to the diaper cake. Not only will it look adorable, but it will also make older siblings feel included in the celebration. If you are trying to come up with great diaper cake ideas that fall into this category, consider the older child’s favorite animal, color, class, sport or activity.

Great Diaper Cake Idea 7: Mom and Dad’s Favorite Things

You can easily incorporate the things baby’s mom and dad love into the diaper cake. Just like you did with the sibling-inspired approach, make a list of the things his or her parents enjoy. Maybe mom is a cyclist or dad loves hiking. You could add baby hiking boots or an adorable infant shirt with a bicycle to your diaper cake.

Great Diaper Cake Idea 8: Diaper Cakes that Match the Nursery

One of the easiest ways to come up with great diaper cake ideas is to ask about nursery décor. Find out if there will be a theme and/or color scheme then come up with a diaper cake design to match!

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