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When my wife, Nancy, and I first heard about “diaper cakes” we wondered what they heck they were.  With a little research we discovered that a diaper cake makes a useful and made fantastic baby gift.  Essentially they are what the name says – cakes made from diapers.  They can be in any shape, size and theme.  Typically they are given as baby gifts, shower gifts or serve as center pieces.

As we did further research we found a number of sites where you could order pre-made diaper cakes.  However, as we looked at the sites, we found that the cost of pre-made diaper cakes was fairly expensive.  In addition, the shipping and handling costs added a significant amount to the total costs.  As a result, we asked the question, why not make our own diaper cakes.  As we researched this we found that there were not many sites that actually described HOW to make the cakes.  Many sites simply showed different diaper cake designs but did not provide any information, tips or tricks on precisely how to make the diaper cakes.

Well, my wife decided to tackle the task of making her first diaper cake essentially by trial and error.  There definitely were more than a few errors at the beginning.  Challenges presented when trying to make the diaper cakes sturdy enough to carry and transport, how to secure the diapers show as to maintain the desired shape of the cake, what kind of center support to use for the various types of cakes so they didn’t slump, etc.

Well, pretty soon the trials and errors subsided and the cakes became very predictable and fun.  From that experience we decided to write and e-book outlining how to successfully and predictably make Diaper Cakes.  We included tips and tricks, material lists, material sources, design concepts and many other things that make the actual making of the Diaper Cakes fun.  After all, not all of the fun is just the giving of the diaper cake but also the making of the cake itself.  The other beauty of the exercise is that you can make your own diaper cake in the specific theme and size of choice, decorate it any way you wish and safe a lot of money over purchasing a pre-made Diaper Cake.

We invite you to enjoy our e-book and let your imagination run wild!!  Use our e-book to make your own version of the “Ultimate Diaper Cake”.

The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The complete, illustrated instruction guide on how to make the world's best diaper cakes. More than 42 pages with hundreds of easy to follow images will help you make dozens of awesome, inexpensive, unique diaper cakes!
Price: $24.99
Price: $12.99


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