Baby Shower Centerpieces Using Diaper Cake

DSCF3192Baby Shower Centerpieces: The Most Useful Decoration You Will Ever Display

Baby shower centerpieces come in all styles, but there is one thing most of them have in common: they are virtually useless after the event. Unless you know someone else who might want to reuse them at their baby shower, there is little you can do with a large number of centerpieces. Keeping one or two for sentimental reasons is great, but chances are you will end up with more than you need for home display. That is unless you choose to place diaper cakes at every table.

Baby Shower Centerpieces Should Be Unique and Beautiful, Just Like the Baby!

Every parent knows that their little ones are special. The décor at the baby shower should be just as unique as the new life that will soon enter the world. Diaper cake ideas are very diverse and nearly limitless. Even if you aren’t a highly creative person you can still come up with charming designs that will make the family feel loved.
If you need inspiration, try browsing your local craft shop. Take a look at any pre-made baby shower centerpieces they carry to get a feel for possible ideas. They should also have many individual components available to give you complete artistic freedom.

Most items are relatively inexpensive as well. Try choosing a few key objects, like rubber duckies, bottles or pacifiers. This will make it easier to select the perfect accents without buying anything you won’t use. There is no way guests will be able to resist the playful, upbeat atmosphere created by your original baby shower centerpieces!

Help Overwhelmed New Parents Out with Baby Shower Centerpieces Made of Diapers!

Whether this is their first or third child, new parents tend to feel a bit overwhelmed when dealing with baby-related activities and shopping. There is much to do, from finishing the nursery to buying enough supplies to survive during their child’s first days at home. The diaper cake is a great way to add utility to your baby shower centerpieces.

Instead of setting up paper, cardboard or floral displays that will just have to be taken down and discarded or stored, why not decorate with something that new parents can actually use? Baby shower centerpieces made of diapers are about as practical as it gets for anyone caring for an infant.

The more tables that need decorated, the more diapers your loved ones will receive. That’s going to be a tremendous help, especially if money is tight for the family. You can still incorporate the same visual elements that you would with non-diaper baby shower centerpieces, but you will be crafting something that will make mom and dad’s life a little easier.

Building Baby Shower Centerpieces by Hand Can Cost Less and Mean More.

Some baby shower centerpieces are rather expensive, especially if you need a larger quantity to cover every table. When you build a diaper cake, you stay in control of the costs. You can add as much or as little as you like in terms of decoration. Each layer can be smaller or larger, depending on how many diapers you plan to use.
A good way to manage size and cost is to pick up a diaper cake making guide. This will help you decide how much you should spend and what will be needed to put together perfect baby shower centerpieces.

Checkout our e-book, The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes, for more great ideas on designing diaper cake centerpieces. Look at the great pictures and step by step instructions so that your centerpiece will the the hit of the shower!

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