Diaper Cake Ingredients

4 Fantastic Diaper Cake Recipes

While a large part of the fun of designing or making a Diaper Cake is coming up with your own diaper cake designs occasionally we want to start with a “tried and true” recipe.   Once we learn the basics, we are more confident to try new ideas on our own.  In our book, The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes, we have supplied detailed instructions  for 4 Diaper Cake Recipes that fit many baby shower or infant birthday gift opportunities. Continue reading

Options for Baby Cakes

Are you trying to come up with a truly unique gift for a baby shower?  Baby showers require “baby cakes” right?  How often have you been to a baby shower and the cake that is there looks just like any other cake?  It might be a sheet cake, a tiered cake or cupcakes.  It might be covered by white, yellow, brown pink or blue frosting.  Well, how about something totally different?  How about something that is also unique and useful? Continue reading

Luxury Diaper Cake Ingredients

Want to make Luxury Diaper Cakes that really stands out!!

The ingredients used to make diaper cakes can range from quite inexpensive to rather extravagant depending upon your desires, goals,  purpose and budget. While a fairly significant amount of money can be spent on the diapers themselves, even more significant cost can be in the decorations of the Diaper Cake.  However, they definitely will be worth it for that special little person or occasion.  Luxury diaper cakes can really stand out!  Usually they are the subject of many photos that end up in the memory albums of childhood to be enjoyed for many years – even when grown up!!

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