Diaper Cake Instructions


DSCF3357 5 Tips for Creating the Most Adorable Male Appropriate Designs

Baby boy diaper cakes are absolutely adorable. With a little thought and creativity, you can put together a display that will make shower guests say “awww!”. There are many directions you can take a cake themed for little boys. The following tips will help you come up with original ways to decorate the perfect baby shower cakes for boys! Continue reading

Baby Shower Centerpieces Using Diaper Cake

DSCF3192Baby Shower Centerpieces: The Most Useful Decoration You Will Ever Display

Baby shower centerpieces come in all styles, but there is one thing most of them have in common: they are virtually useless after the event. Unless you know someone else who might want to reuse them at their baby shower, there is little you can do with a large number of centerpieces. Keeping one or two for sentimental reasons is great, but chances are you will end up with more than you need for home display. That is unless you choose to place diaper cakes at every table. Continue reading

How To Make A Diaper Cake

DSCF2848How to Make a Diaper Cake: Basic Instructions for the New Cake Maker!

Learning how to make a diaper cake is not as difficult as you think. These charming baby-themed cakes make great gifts and conversation pieces at showers.

They aren’t edible, but they are very practical. No matter what theme or style you prefer, each cake will provide new parents with a number of diapers which will inevitably come in handy after they introduce their family’s newest member to the world. Continue reading

4 Fantastic Diaper Cake Recipes

While a large part of the fun of designing or making a Diaper Cake is coming up with your own diaper cake designs occasionally we want to start with a “tried and true” recipe.   Once we learn the basics, we are more confident to try new ideas on our own.  In our book, The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes, we have supplied detailed instructions  for 4 Diaper Cake Recipes that fit many baby shower or infant birthday gift opportunities. Continue reading

Options for Baby Cakes

Are you trying to come up with a truly unique gift for a baby shower?  Baby showers require “baby cakes” right?  How often have you been to a baby shower and the cake that is there looks just like any other cake?  It might be a sheet cake, a tiered cake or cupcakes.  It might be covered by white, yellow, brown pink or blue frosting.  Well, how about something totally different?  How about something that is also unique and useful? Continue reading

How to Get Instructions for Diaper Cakes

DSCF3010Looking for instructions on how to make a Diaper Cake?  Actually, Diaper Cakes, which are sometimes referred to as Nappy Cakes, are relatively easy to make and are unusual and unique baby gifts!  Frequently, they are the big hit at baby showers!  While they are relatively easy to make, they do require some planning and knowing some tricks and tips to make the process go easier and the results fantastic.  Instructions for Diaper Cake – look no further than our book! Continue reading