How to make a Diaper Flower


“Diaper Flowers” make simple, inexpensive baby shower gifts and decorations.

Diaper Flowers can be bunched together to make a unique bouquet or they can be used to make cute baby shower decorations or to decorate a full sized Diaper Cake!   Diaper Flowers are easy to make and require few supplies which helps to keep the cost down.



Size 1 diaper

1/8″ X 12″ wooden dowel

Clear rubber bands (available at hair salons)

Curling ribbon of your choice (toule can also be used)













1.  Open the diaper and fold in half lengthwise.











2.  Roll the diaper tightly and fold the end under.











3.  Secure with a clear rubber band around the bottom.











4.  Carefully insert the dowel into the top center leaving the dowel about half way in the flower.










5.  Place a rubber band about 2/3 down the flower.


6.  Tie the ribbon or toule onto the flower.










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