Fun Baby Gift Ideas: Diaper Cakes for Boys and Girls

Baby gift ideas should be unique, especially if you are considering something like diaper cakes for boys and girls.

Most newborns require the same general supplies and they are not at an age where they can fully appreciate a toy, outfit or personalized present. That’s why the diaper cake is so appealing. Loved ones can provide a much needed supply and dress it up so the presentation is original and includes a few extras for baby and/or the parents.  DSCF3171

Diaper Cakes with Stuffed Toys

Baby-safe stuffed toys can really dress up diaper cakes for boys and girls. Even adding one to the top can create an adorable presentation that will make everyone say “awwww!”. Remember to look for plush animals and dolls that are the right size based on the height and width of the cake. You don’t want the fluffy bunny or fuzzy teddy bear to take all the attention away from your beautifully crafted diaper display!

Diaper Cakes with Baby Rattles

Rattles are another great way to complement baby gift ideas like this one. Remember to find something that’s appropriate for the age of the child. You can usually find rattles intended for birth to 12 months with the next step up being 12 to 24 months. A baby’s motor skills and strength are very different throughout each phase of growth, so make sure you check the rattle packaging for the recommended age group.

Diaper Cakes with Infant Clothing

Diaper cakes for boys and girls look even better with a few infant outfits attached! You can get creative and wrap, fold or sculpt the garments into charming embellishments to go on the cake. Parents will love receiving all the diapers even more when they have a few cute outfits to go with them. Modern baby clothes come in a wide range of styles and patterns so it’s easy to find something that blends well with your diaper cake design and color scheme.

Diaper Cakes with Matching Pacifiers

A spare pacifier can be a godsend to a busy parent. Baby gift ideas can include one or two pacifiers so mom and dad never have to go without. These can be attached to the cake in their original package using ribbon or you can remove the pacifiers and place them directly on the layers or top. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Diaper Cakes with Bottles

Bottles are another item that parents need to have on hand at all times. Baby cakes for boys and girls can be easily decorated in a few matching bottles. This approach may be a little trickier since most bottles are larger than a pacifier or rattle and they often have smooth sides with no handle to tie on. You can always tie a slender ribbon around the neck of the bottle then screw on the lid so it stays attached to the cake.

Diaper Cakes with Everything!

If you want to make some of the most eye-catching diaper cakes for boys and girls, consider adding a mix of smaller items to the finished display. All of the above can be placed on each layer to create a detailed work of useable art. As far as baby gift ideas go, this is one of the most versatile because you can give new parents a number of the things they need in one all-purpose present!

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