How to Get Instructions for Diaper Cakes

DSCF3010Looking for instructions on how to make a Diaper Cake?  Actually, Diaper Cakes, which are sometimes referred to as Nappy Cakes, are relatively easy to make and are unusual and unique baby gifts!  Frequently, they are the big hit at baby showers!  While they are relatively easy to make, they do require some planning and knowing some tricks and tips to make the process go easier and the results fantastic.  Instructions for Diaper Cake – look no further than our book!

Like most projects, it all begins with planning.  What do you want the cake to look like?  Would you like to have a specific theme?  How much would you like to spend?  Would you like to do it yourself or would you like to partner with a friend?  What is the age and gender of the recipient?  Guidelines to these decisions are discussed in more detail in our book, The Guide to Ultimate Diaper Cakes.

In our book you will learn how to plan the basic design of the Diaper Cake and start the construction process.  You will learn instructions for Diaper Cake fabrication starting with the options for the bases, center supports, and layout of the diapers to make a stable, easily transported and beautiful Diaper Cake that will be the hit of the party.

Themes for your Diaper Cake are only limited by your imagination!  Your theme can be geared towards girls, boys, cartoon characters, super-heros, animals, family, etc.  Diaper Cakes can truly be personalized baby gifts!

The “frosting” and decorations for your cake are also only limited by your imagination.  You can truly make them custom baby gifts by the decorations you choose.  Use items that are of interest to the family, family background, family interest, etc.  In our book, The Guide to Ultimate Diaper Cakes, not only will you get Diaper Cake instructions but also ideas on “frosting” decorations as well as sources for finding the decorations you need to make a fantastic Diaper Cake that you will be proud to give.  These make truly special baby gifts!

The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The complete, illustrated instruction guide on how to make the world's best diaper cakes. More than 42 pages with hundreds of easy to follow images will help you make dozens of awesome, inexpensive, unique diaper cakes!
Price: $24.99
Price: $12.99

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