Options for Baby Cakes

Are you trying to come up with a truly unique gift for a baby shower?  Baby showers require “baby cakes” right?  How often have you been to a baby shower and the cake that is there looks just like any other cake?  It might be a sheet cake, a tiered cake or cupcakes.  It might be covered by white, yellow, brown pink or blue frosting.  Well, how about something totally different?  How about something that is also unique and useful?

Baby cakes don’t have to be fattening!  They can be colorful, unique, fancy or simple, tall or short, but most of all they can be useful!  With the mountains of diapers that the little ones go through each day coupled with the increasing costs of diapers, the overall cost to the new parents can be very high!

What’s the secret?  Baby cakes can be made of diapers instead of flour, butter and sugar.  Everyone wins!  The waist lines won’t expand and the new parents have something that will be useful, save them money and definitely be appreciated!

Diaper Cakes are made essentially of, guess what, diapers!  In our book, The Guide to Ultimate Diaper Cakes, you will learn how to easily make great Diaper Cakes that will be the talk of the party!  In many cases, they actually become the center piece of the event!

But how can diapers be so exciting?  Well, actually, Diaper Cakes are made of more than just diapers.  While the diapers make up the “body” of the cake, the “frosting” can be the most exciting!  The Diaper Cakes can be decorated with “frosting” consisting of baby blankets, baby wash cloths, etc.  The “frosting” can then be decorated with baby spoons, pacifiers, small picture frames, pictures, baby jewelry and anything else your imagination brings to mind!

The fun of creating baby cakes is based on your imagination!  Anything goes!  Let your creative juices run wild!  Partner with a friend or neighbor.  Pour a glass of wine, toast the newborn and have some fun!!!!

Our book, The Guide to Ultimate Diaper Cakes, can help you get started by giving you some ideas and definite guidelines and hints to making baby shower cakes successful, unique and fantastic.  Your Diaper Cake will definitely be the hit of the party!!

The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes - Revised Version 3
The complete, illustrated instruction guide on how to make the world's best diaper cakes. More than 42 pages with hundreds of easy to follow images will help you make dozens of awesome, inexpensive, unique diaper cakes!
Price: $24.99
Price: $12.99


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