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How to Make a Diaper Cake Unique and Unusual

5 Ways to Craft an Original Baby Shower Gift!

If you want to learn how to make a diaper cake unique and unusual but you don’t have a big budget for the gift, don’t worry. There are affordable ways to take regular disposable diapers and transform them into a beautiful display that loved ones will adore! The process will take a little time, research and some creativity, but the effort is well worth the response you will get from your gift recipients!DSCF3351 Continue reading

Fun Baby Gift Ideas: Diaper Cakes for Boys and Girls

Baby gift ideas should be unique, especially if you are considering something like diaper cakes for boys and girls.

Most newborns require the same general supplies and they are not at an age where they can fully appreciate a toy, outfit or personalized present. That’s why the diaper cake is so appealing. Loved ones can provide a much needed supply and dress it up so the presentation is original and includes a few extras for baby and/or the parents.  DSCF3171 Continue reading

Why Diaper Cakes Make Unique Baby Gifts for Any New Parent

If you’re wondering why diaper cakes make unique baby gifts, then there are a few things you should know about this highly versatile, practical present. Modern parents have many items available to them, yet there are a few simple necessities that every family needs when a new little one takes up residence at their home. The diaper cake offers something useful in a package that is fun and unique for baby!DSCF3597 Continue reading


DSCF2466STUDY:  Diapers a costly need for many families

According to a report published recently in the Journal of Pediatrics, diaper need – the inability of afford to keep a child in clean diapers – affects a substantial number of low income Americans.

There have been days that a mother has gone without food to feed her supply.  Nope, we’re not talking about drugs, alcohol,  or cigarettes.  We are talking about diapers!!  Some people are even arrested for stealing some!! Continue reading


DSCF2686 Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Are One of the Best Gifts You Can Give New Parents!!

Baby shower diaper cakes make a great gift and décor item. This fun, unique craft is not difficult to make and allows the builder total creativity. New parents will love receiving the cake, and will appreciate the generous, thoughtful meaning behind it. Diaper cakes for baby showers have become hugely popular. Why should you consider building one for your next baby shower? Continue reading

4 Fantastic Diaper Cake Recipes

While a large part of the fun of designing or making a Diaper Cake is coming up with your own diaper cake designs occasionally we want to start with a “tried and true” recipe.   Once we learn the basics, we are more confident to try new ideas on our own.  In our book, The Guide To Ultimate Diaper Cakes, we have supplied detailed instructions  for 4 Diaper Cake Recipes that fit many baby shower or infant birthday gift opportunities. Continue reading

Options for Baby Cakes

Are you trying to come up with a truly unique gift for a baby shower?  Baby showers require “baby cakes” right?  How often have you been to a baby shower and the cake that is there looks just like any other cake?  It might be a sheet cake, a tiered cake or cupcakes.  It might be covered by white, yellow, brown pink or blue frosting.  Well, how about something totally different?  How about something that is also unique and useful? Continue reading

Difference between Nappy Cakes and Diaper Cakes

DSCF3220I’ll admit, my wife and I have been making Diaper Cakes for years.  When I was doing a search of key terms I was amazed to find the term “Nappy Cakes”.    According to the dictionary, “nappy” refers to a round serving bowl.  Not quite sure what that has to do with diapers or cakes! Continue reading