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Why Diaper Cakes Make Unique Baby Gifts for Any New Parent

If you’re wondering why diaper cakes make unique baby gifts, then there are a few things you should know about this highly versatile, practical present. Modern parents have many items available to them, yet there are a few simple necessities that every family needs when a new little one takes up residence at their home. The diaper cake offers something useful in a package that is fun and unique for baby!DSCF3597 Continue reading


DSCF2686 Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Are One of the Best Gifts You Can Give New Parents!!

Baby shower diaper cakes make a great gift and décor item. This fun, unique craft is not difficult to make and allows the builder total creativity. New parents will love receiving the cake, and will appreciate the generous, thoughtful meaning behind it. Diaper cakes for baby showers have become hugely popular. Why should you consider building one for your next baby shower? Continue reading


DSCF3357 5 Tips for Creating the Most Adorable Male Appropriate Designs

Baby boy diaper cakes are absolutely adorable. With a little thought and creativity, you can put together a display that will make shower guests say “awww!”. There are many directions you can take a cake themed for little boys. The following tips will help you come up with original ways to decorate the perfect baby shower cakes for boys! Continue reading


Don’t want to make a full-sized diaper cake?  “Onesie cupcakes” make great alternatives!!

Perhaps you don’t want to make a full-sized diaper cake.  A great alternative would be a batch of “onesie cupcakes”.  These are quick and easy to make and are great baby gifts!  You don’t need many “ingredients” which helps control the cost and you can let your imagination run wild on colors.  In addition, they can be quickly made for those “last minute” challenges! Continue reading


Are you looking for custom baby gifts that will stand out at the party, be useful and appreciated by the proud parents and allow you to use your creativity?  Diaper Cakes can definitely be the answer!  Diaper Cakes are made from a base of diapers shaped into a tiered cake design  and then decorated with any of a variety of useful and fun items.  You may start with a particular theme such as cartoon characters or sports.  You can utilize different colors, shapes and sizes of decorations to further customize your creation.  As you gain more experience, you can vary the actual design of the cake from a basic “cake” design to ones that are shaped like tractors, tricycles, dolls, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination.

While Diaper Cakes can be purchased pre-made from a variety of sources, they can be expensive to buy and expensive to ship.  In addition, since diaper cakes can be relatively delicate to transport,  there is always the danger of the diaper cake being damaged in the shipping process.  The other big problem is that it takes away the ability to customize the diaper cake for the intended recipient.

Creating a customized, unique diaper cake can be fun and allow your creative juices to flow.  They are definitely custom baby gifts and can actually become a unique work of art.

Start by learning the basics in our free video on how to make a basic Diaper Cake and give it a try!  Once you have mastered the basics, check out our e-book, “The Guide to Ultimate Diaper Cakes” for many more designs complete with “recipes”, pictures and additional tips and tricks to making your ultimate diaper cake.  Diaper Cakes definitely make fantastic custom baby gifts.